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How much of your knives are made in house?

Pretty much everything is made in house. I buy pivots, bearings, and screws but everything else is made in my shop. I don't farm out any of the work (water jet, surface grinding, etc). This isn't because I disagree with farming out work to other local shops, it's just the way I work. I do small batches of knives, so it's quicker and more cost effective to keep it in house.

How are your knives heat treated?

Heat treat is also done in house. I heat treat in small batches of 3-4. Heat treatments vary by steel but generally all are completed with a sub-zero quench in a slurry of dry ice followed by 2 temper cycles. Each batch of knives is tested on a Rockwell hardness tester. If the treatment is non-optimal, the batch is re-treated or discarded. 

You are all sold out! How do I get a knife?

Send me a message from my contact page and let me know which knife you would like to buy. I'll add you to my list and notify you when I start your knife. Additionally, from the same page you can subscribe to my mailing list and get notified anytime I add new available knives to the website. 

​What are you working on next?

Instagram is the easiest place to see some of the knives I'm currently working on.

What should I know when ordering a knife?

If you live in the US, shipping is free! If you live outside the US, you will need to contact me before making a purchase and I'll send you an invoice with shipping added. I try to get knives shipped out quickly, within a day or two of orders. Knives are all shipped in a leather pouch with an authenticity card. 

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